RESIN (Products & Technology) B.V.
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7521 BG Enschede
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 (0)53 482 48 88
Fax: +31 (0)53 482 48 80

Spoordijkstraat 66

7521 CA  Enschede

The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0) 53 482 48 92

Thermoplastics Compounding is in our DNA

RESIN (Products & Technology) BV specialises in both custom com- pounding and toll compounding of thermoplastics, with a strong track record in:
  • Performance materials providing superior mechanical properties for

    the automotive and construction industries;

  • Halogen-free flame-retardant polyolefin compounds with good

    processing and mechanical properties for the construction and aero-
    space industries and for electrical appliances;

  • Extrudable adhesive resins (Yparex®) for achieving adhesion be-
    tween polyolefins and a variety of substrates such as metals, ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), polyamide (PA), and glass for application in pipe extrusion, food packaging, and metal coating;

  • Low-environmental-impact compounds and cradle-to-cradle solutions for the automotive, packaging and construction industries;

  • Custom-made compounds, e.g. compounds with improved aesthetics via colourants and special-effects additives or antimicrobial materials for the pharmaceutical and food industries or conductive materials for the electronics industry.

    RESIN is your partner for unlocking hidden value in your end products and processes by offering:

  • Continuous innovation, customer-focused R&D, and application


  • Knowledgeable and proactive application support;

  • Excellent customer service and logistics throughout every stage of

    the supply chain;

  • Cost reduction through material re-engineering. 

"According to Frans Haafkens, ceo of Resin, “the new Yparex factory is a significant extension of Resin’s technology platform, which truly substantiates Resin’s and Yparex’ claim that technological innovation is part of our DNA."
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